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Partial Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacements are an alternative to total knee replacement in selected patients. Some people with severe arthritis in just one part of their knee will be helped by a unicondylar or a patellofemoral replacement.

Unicondlyar replacements are generally indicated for individuals whose arthritis affects only one side – or condyle – of the knee. Physicians today are implanting a proven prosthesis using the new MIS procedure, removing only the diseased portion of the knee.

  • Smaller scar – uses a 2 – to 3-inch incision and removes only the diseased portion of the knee
  • Shorter hospital stay – may be performed on an overnight basis; hospitalization time is minimized
  • Faster rehab/recovery time – an estimated five-weeks for many patients, but may vary

Patellofemoral Replacement replaces the joint between the kneecap and upper knee joint. This can be a good solution when the patellofemoral joint is badly degenerated while the remainder of the knee is in good shape.

Conformis Custom made prosthesis: Conformis is a unique prosthetic choice for the patient that has severe arthritis in only part of the knee. A prosthesis is actually custom made for your knee from a CT scan.

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